we are your psychic friends

Psychic Friends Network was a telephone psychic service operating in the United States in the 1990s. The company's infomercials were aired frequently on late night television at that time. Psychic Friends Network is a witch rock/psychic soul band based in Oakland, California. It is the howling pet of two-headed songwriting monster May Oskan and Andy Maag.

Sprawling melodies scan like incantations-- flirting with consciousness, desire, dreams, and the afterlife -- as channeled through Oskan’s enormous, dramatic vocals. Keyboardist Katie Harrell, also an accomplished gamelan performer, circled the globe to extract spices for her sizzling improvisations, while Maag’s guitar nimbly applies the finishing touches -- with a feather, or with a fury. Drummer Rob Jacobs and bassist Nadia Aquil provide rhythm, guts, and smooth-ass grooves to keep the novitiates dancing while the spell is cast.

This band is not officially endorsed by Dionne Warwick (yet).

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